Allen Lab Research is going to SPACE!

Congratulations to the Allen Lab for being selected for the Space Research Initiative and the Florida Space Institute to conduct research aboard the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory. The […]

The Allen Lab receives NASA funded GeneLab Innovation Award for Translational Systems Biology

The Allen lab is proud to announce that we were awarded the NASA funded GeneLab Innovation Awards for Translational Systems Biology. This 2 year award is based upon open-access spaceflight […]

Publication featured on Cover of Summer Issue of Gravitational and Space Research!

Congratulations to the Allen Lab on publishing our recent manuscript “Altered Functions of Human Blood Derived Vascular Endothelial Cells by Simulated Microgravity” in the July issue of Gravitational and Space […]

Congratulations to Dr. Allen for being awarded the Faculty Excellence Award at the university level!

Congratulations to Dr. Allen for being selected by the UF provost’s office as the 2016 recipient of Faculty Excellence Award. Dr. Allen has won this award at both the college […]

Congratulations Drs. Antonio Webb and Josephine Allen on being awarded an NIH R01 grant

Congratulations to Drs. Webb and Allen for receiving an NIH R01 grant from the National Heart Lung Blood Institute. The award, entitled “Nanocomposite drug eluting stents for inhibition of restenosis […]